April 9, 2011

Moving My Craft Room

Hello all.  I have supersized this picture in order to highlight the supersized project I had in store for me this week.

This is the space for my new craft room.

As you might be able to tell, it has been used as a shop room, for my hubby for the past 7 years.  Now that he has a new space for his tools, I have claimed this territory as my own.  (Oooh, I should get a flag!)

In the past week, I have vaccummed, wiped and swept every corner -- and ceiling rafters -- of this room multiple times.  The amount of saw dust, lumber, spider eggs, cob webs, random nails, lady beetles, and even an old decayed bat have filled not less than THREE tractor loader buckets.  You folks on the farm know how much that is.  For you city people...that's a New York one-room studio full of trash.

The trash has been burned, many shop tools moved to new shop, a gerry-rigged ceiling has been screwed in place (thank you, hubby), and today is the day I move in.

So, later tonight, I hope to have a picture of my new and hopefully more useful, definitely larger, craft room.  I will make my cards and scrap my picture books together here.

Log on later and see if I have succeeded in meeting my self-imposed deadline...

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